Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Practically identical, yet again

Those among the anti-independence commentariat who like to peddle the idea that there's nothing much to choose between public opinion in Scotland and public opinion in the rest of the UK have been dealt a blow by the results of yet another poll.  YouGov asked respondents whether they supported or opposed the Bedroom Tax, and these were the results -


Support 42%
Oppose 45%


Support 26%
Oppose 63%

Of course Scotland is part of Great Britain, so what we really need for purposes of comparison are the figures for England and Wales, and unfortunately they aren't provided.  However, I did a very rough extrapolation based on the breakdowns we do have, and it looks like England and Wales come out as either 43% support and 44% oppose, or 43% support and 43% oppose (it depends on the rounding).  Still, a 37-point lead for opponents of the Bedroom Tax in Scotland, a dead heat south of the border....these are fairly similar numbers, right?

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On a not totally unrelated theme, I have a new article up at the International Business Times.  I wrote it a couple of weeks ago, and it was inspired by a brief Twitter exchange I'd just had with David Aaronovitch.  You can read it HERE.


  1. I fear that 'giant' of lib dem politics and leadership joke, sorry, leadership 'tip' Carmichael hasn't seen the polling. The amusing buffoon only just happily voted for the bedroom tax. It's what Cameron and Clegg wanted though and we all know that's the only thing that matters to a pitiful nodding dog like Carmichael.

    Then we have all the lib dem and SLAB MPs who couldn't be bothered to oppose it including Sarwar, Murphy, wee Dougie and many others.

    Who would be gullible enough to believe SLAB or the scottish lib dems posturing on the bedroom tax now?

    Nice artice in the International Business Times James. Aaronovitch is a slightly more upmarket Dan Hodges, but only very slightly. ;-)

  2. IPSOS don't use political weighting and ask respondents how they would vote if the referendum was today. That's why their lead is so big.