Thursday, August 22, 2013

The No campaign's attitude to victims of crime

Your house is broken into.

In court, the intruder mentions that, while in your house, he saw you take your wig off.

You approach No campaign chief Blair McDougall, fully confident that as a representative of three political parties concerned about law and order, he will be extremely sympathetic.

McDougall says : "Ha ha ha ha!  You wear a wig!  That's sad.  Look everyone, this loser wears a wig!  Don't ever speak to him again.  HA HA HA HA HA HA!"


  1. Has anybody asked who commissioned the hacking of the Yes Scotland emails yet?

    What are the odds on blair mcliar and the no to life campaign being behind it? Just as idle speculation of course.

  2. 'better together' picked precisely the wrong time to try and dismiss illegal hacking. For those unaware it's shortly going to become a wee bit of a story to say the least.

    If you don't know why then do a little digging on twitter or google and you can find out. Start with the Murdoch biographer Michael Wolff.

    Suffice to say it will be almost impossible the media to ignore the upcoming trials because they are going to reveal some truly jawdropping stuff.

    I've know for quite some time as have most of fleet street. (they couldn't report it and it won't come out till it features in the trials) What I will say is,


    You're all going to enjoy it quite a bit and if this new police investigation also bears fruit then 'better together' are going to look quite the fools. They may even find themselves in deep deep trouble.

  3. As an electorate, we are being taken to the cleaners.

    It is like we are living in an episode of 'The Thick of It' for real.

    Who are these people? (The reference was entirely deliberate.)

  4. James,

    An Angus Reid poll in the Express: