Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Photos on Tuesday : North Berwick

If everything has gone according to plan (and let's face facts, it almost certainly hasn't) I should be in Portugal by now. As long-term sufferers of my Eurovision posts may know, it's my first-ever visit to the country.

Thrillingly, however, I have a couple of pre-scheduled posts for you in my absence. First up, some photos from my two trips this summer to North Berwick. As gorgeous as the town itself and the beach are, I was really annoyed with myself - I took a boat trip to Bass Rock, but the batteries in my camera packed up right on cue, and I missed some truly spectacular shots!

As ever, click on any photo to enlarge.


  1. North Berwick is one of our favourite places. I'm always fascinated to see the remains of the old kirk, the scene of the supposed black mass at the heart of the witchcraft trials of the early 1590s is still there by the Sea-Life Centre.

  2. Great photos. Perhaps it is because I was wee, but the Bass Rock seemed to stand out much higher than that. Oh well, memory is transient.

  3. The wee island would be Craigleith, not the Bass itself.
    The even wee-er island would be the Lamb and the double-humped one is Fidra just off Yellowcraigs' beach.