Sunday, July 15, 2012

If gerrymandering won't work...

David Cameron's reported reaction to the possibility of the Lib Dems vetoing boundary changes -

"I thought I had a plan about how to win the next Election – now I’ll have to think of another way."

Ballot stuffing? Scottish independence? Increasing the minimum voting age to 63? Bonus votes for anyone called Felicity or Tarquin?

We can probably rule out electoral popularity as forming any part of the Cammo masterplan.

* * *

Michael Moore in Scotland on Sunday -

"This process of further devolution must be conducted in this way. It must be designed to meet the needs of people in Scotland, not to serve as a get-out clause for a Nationalist cause that has lost its nerve."

In other words, it must be slooooow. And it must certainly play second fiddle to the tribal urge to "defeat" the SNP for the sake of it - an outcome which would of course make further devolution far less likely to happen.

The Lib Dems : passionate Home Rulers, except when there's something more important to be getting on with. Like playing Tetris.


  1. "The Lib Dems : passionate Home Rulers"

    I hope you were saying that in jest. I've looked at the Lib-Dem website for any policy paper on Home Rule or a policy paper which describes a federal UK and there is zilch, nada, zero.

    For a party committed to a federal UK there is a huge hole where you would expect to see policy on more powers for Scotland or a written UK constitution which is a prerequisite for federal parliaments which by their very definition are constitutionally protected.

    Now I may be missing something on the Lib-Dem website but as I'm pretty good at finding things on the web I don't think so.

    Given the complete lack of material on federalism, home rule and a written constitution then the fact that Michael Moore is calling for devolution (not federalism) to be planned and implemented at some indeterminate time in the future is not surprising.

    The Lib-Dems don't want Home Rule for Scotland, they haven't thought about how it will affect Scotland, they certainly haven't thought about how it will affect England and the last glimmer of federalism in the Lib-dems guttered and died a long time ago.

    Moore wants time because 24 years after the Lib-Dems were formed in 1988 they are desperately trying to find a way to ditch home rule, federalism and any devolution which goes beyond the block grant.

    Trust them at your peril.

  2. LibDems are the pledge party only they have no idea on how to polish their manifesto as it is written in dubbin.

  3. "I hope you were saying that in jest."