Saturday, June 30, 2012

An important message from a Real Brit

My name's James. I'm a light-working father-of-none from North-Central-East Eaglesham-shire. And I'm a Real Brit.

When I drink from the tap, I know I'm drinking British water.

When I step outside my front door, I know I'm breathing British air.

When I touch the soil in my garden, I know I'm touching British earth.

I know these things because I'm the proud owner of a (British) pocket atlas, which reveals that North-Central-East Eaglesham-shire is, always has been, and always will be part of an island called Great Britain.

I feel British because I'm a lifelong Doctor Who fan.

I feel British because Jude the Obscure is my favourite novel.

I feel British because I think Me and My Imagination by Sophie Ellis-Bextor is a passable piece of popular music.

Hell, I've even been to Great Yarmouth.

But, you see, feeling British is not the same thing as wanting to be ruled by Tories, or by Tory-lites in the Labour party forever chasing after right-wing votes in the Home Counties.

It's not the same thing as being part of whichever political state London happens to be capital city of at any given moment.

Being British isn't about passports, it's about people.

Real Brits who live in Scotland want independence.

Because we know that our part of Britain can be better than this.


  1. Excellent-not for the first time you have put into words my own half formed thoughts far better that I could myself.

    The "Yes" campaign should issue this or something similar as a very effective leaflet :-)

  2. I think the comments on the Better Together videos got to about half way down this list.

  3. I think the comments on the Better Together videos got to about half way down this list.

  4. Where do you stand on wee dugs and sausage rolls?

  5. You absolutely get why we want Independence,the only thing we are anti at is UK governments. All the real Brits must stand against UK Government and their lies and corruption! All the folk of the British Isles must look after their part of them because if left to UK Government they'll continue to dictate and rule the Island.