Monday, April 2, 2012

Assistance for Councillor Terry Kelly

A typically understated blogpost from the Labour Councillor for Ward 4 Paisley North West -

"Here is a question for SNP politicians, members and supporters, I have asked this in various ways over the past months since in fact this deed was done and I can't get a single nationalist to comment.

Some time ago I heard the SNP leader wee Alex (the spiv) Salmond say; no that's not quite right as we have subsequently found out he "declared" "Affirmed" "Stated" choose your own description, that if Scotland became independent the Present Queen Elizabeth 11 or to give her her proper name, "the full bhuna" as it were. Elizabeth the Second, by the Grace of God, of Great Britain, Ireland and the British Dominions beyond the Seas Queen, Defender of the Faith, would be Queen of Scotland and subsequently 'Head of State' She has literally hundreds more titles and can appear wearing more bling than Idi Amin Dada that other famous democrat, but I just want to give you a flavour of her power.

I want to ask Scottish nationalists everywhere what they think of this decision by wee Eck (the spiv) and also ask the following 1/ were any of you consulted about this in any way? 2/ if you were would one or more of you describe how that consultation took place? 3/ what do you feel about wee Eck (the spiv's) actions? 4/ are any of the tooth and claw nationalists that I grew up fighting with still out there, do any of you remember those shibboleths which were sacred to you? I remember them, I heard you sing about them often enough "Scotland hisnae got a King and hisnae got a Queen" remember?

I will print your answers if any of you have the courage to write, I will print them in Technicolour if you dare to give your names."

What's intriguing about this is that Terry is seemingly - and I hope this isn't too wild a guess - a republican. To the extent that he thinks there has been a change in the SNP's policy on the monarchy (and it happened a lot longer ago than a few months), he can only be referring to the SNP conference's decision in 1997 to back a referendum on Scotland becoming a republic. There has been some 'discussion' recently about the precise standing of that decision, but either way it was the type of debate and vote that would be unheard of in the three main unionist parties. Those parties are all sycophantically loyal to the institution of monarchy, and have been for as long as anyone can remember. It would never even occur to them to 'consult' their members on the subject in the way that Terry suggests. Furthermore, regardless of the SNP's current policy, any serious analyst would confirm that there is a significant chance that an independent Scotland will move towards a home-grown head of state at some point within the next 30 years, whereas the chances of the United Kingdom abandoning the monarchy are near-zero.

Terry (the socialist) must know this. It seems, therefore, that he'd rather nurse his grievance against Salmond (the spiv) than seize the one and only realistic opportunity to dispense with the "pinnacle of the class system". And yes, it's no coincidence that those words are a direct quote from the Nationalist MSP for Perth.


  1. QE II?

    Where does the numeral come from?

    Our MSPs, for example, recognise only QE in their oath of office.

    Our Post boxes do not have a numeral.

  2. He's called her Elizabeth 11 instead of Elizabeth II... and in any case in Scotland she would be Elizabeth I.

    I'm not sure what Alex meant, but he seemed to be talking about Elizabeth, not the heirs and successors.

    It would after all be a bit ungracious to unseat a woman of maybe 87 years.

    I'm sure why people think that what Alex says about the future of Scotland is anything long term. After all, he may very well be replaced as First Minister at the first General Election of our independent country.

  3. Why would anybody want to comment on his blog? It’s not very readable, or to give it the full Bhuna (don’t get the reference here, is a Bhuna not a medium hot thick curry with vegetables? Or spelled Bhoona, the full one is an Indian Restaurant on Queen Margartet Drive Glasgow, according to google) as it were, it’s a stupid, incoherent rant, he clearly models himself on George Galloway but without any of George’s eloquence and certainly none of his “gorgeous” looks. I’m not going to waste my time commenting simply because I just don’t care and I am a nationalist and a republican. So good luck on getting a response Cllr Kelly, don’t hold your breath now will you as your blog simply leaves one with the bitter feeling you have been swindled out of 10 minutes of your life.

  4. GrassyKnollingtonApril 2, 2012 at 1:17 PM

    If only the online army of vicious cybernats (invented and bemoaned by people with no agenda whatsoever) were of the magnificent calibre of Labour's Cllr Terry Kelly Scotland would be a better place.

    The BBC should get him on our screens sharpish. Bleak Midwinter, Lorraine Davidson, Prof. Curtice and the rest are ok up to a point but surely they need to connect with all their viewers and listeners if they are not to fail as Labour's Broadcasting arm?

  5. Terry Kelly (hopefully no relation to you) has for many years been one of the most truly poisonous bloggers on the internet.

    At least his daughter was voted out by the electorate in 2007, but I suppose it is too much to hope he will be defeated in 2012.

    Still, as GrassyKnollington implies, his blog can certainly be referred to for adverse comparison with any SNP blog that I have ever come across.

  6. To paraphrase the winner of the most significant by-election in the world, ever, bar none: if Renfrewshire politics could have three backsides Cllr Kelly would be all three!