Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Breaking : Scottish posts allowed on Political Betting again

In the wake of seeming to break his own rule of disallowing off-topic comments on Scottish politics, Mike Smithson now says that the rule was only ever intended to apply to the thread on which he introduced it. Quite why it was utterly intolerable to have Scottish posts on a single Sunday morning thread about Ron Paul, but perfectly OK at all other times, remains something of a mystery. But let's not be churlish about a small outbreak of common sense.

Naturally, I would never dream of encouraging a Nat invasion of PB by way of celebration, but you are certainly free to draw your own conclusions about the best way to proceed.


  1. It seems totally bizarre. Anyhow I won't be posting there in a hurry. Too busy in retirement!

    Husbank thinks DevoMax is the anti-SNP nutter in a duplicate identity.

  2. I think he's definitely the alter ego of someone, but I can't quite pin down who he is. He talks like a regular, and yet he just seems to have 'manifested' out of nowhere.