Thursday, September 15, 2011

Will the independence referendum provide another 'stupid answer to a stupid question'?

I didn't catch PMQs yesterday, so I'm grateful to Cynical Highlander for drawing my attention to David Cameron's apparent belief that the aspiration of 68% of the Scottish electorate to control North Sea oil revenue can be casually waved away as "a stupid answer to a stupid question". This sneering dismissiveness towards the people of Scotland is becoming a bit of a habit for Cameron at PMQs - in particular, it's reminiscent of his 'hilarious' observation a year ago that "if you had an independent Scotland, you wouldn't be flying planes, you'd be flying...(snigger) the seat of your pants!!!!". In other words, Scots just can't cope without Old Etonian assistance from Whitehall. We'd get ourselves into such a muddle, dotty wee things that we are. And the idea of Scotland controlling its own natural, let's be grown-ups about this, shall we?

I wonder if Dave will see the SNP's referendum question on independence as a 'stupid' one. If so, he might just get another 'stupid answer'. He's forever telling us that he wants to be Prime Minister of the United Kingdom and not just England - curious, then, that when push comes to shove at the despatch box, this supposed priority always melts away in favour of the irresistible impulse to indulge in some Bullingdon Boy 'humour' at Scotland's expense.

Just keep doing what you're doing, Dave. You can't seem to help yourself anyway.


  1. Yes, it's true, just being Dave is enough to drive the Scots screaming into the arms of independence.

    A year on from his taking the reigns, Dave has presided over the biggest move away from Westminster ever, in the almost impossible election of a MAJORITY SNP government in his northern territories, or bad lands, as I'm sure he calls them.

    The Tories just can't help seem to themselves. They appear to have no understanding of the way that their boorish behaviour impacts on the ordinary Englishman, never mind the ordinary Scot.

    When they won in England, I predicted riots (and I predict more as the situation gets worse and worse). However, I never in my wildest dreams predicted the SNP's majority, grateful though I am for it. Dave is the gift that keeps on giving.

    Every time that Scotland is mentioned he takes the opportunity to do a now typically Cameronesque U-turn and forget the respect agenda that he promised before the election of his 1 Scottish MP. He reverts to junior common room boyish Flashman behaviour.

    Anything for a cheap laugh at the uncouth Scots with their quaint highland accents. (Incidentally, Dave, the speak that way because English is their second language).

    It's already come back to bite him on the bum. Long may it continue.

  2. Of course the stupidest question of all was the one posed last year - "people of Britain, do you want Gordon Brown or David Cameron as your Prime Minister?"

    That one certainly produced a very stupid answer.