Thursday, May 5, 2011

Yet another 'final' - and very silly - poll of the campaign

The polls have already closed, but is there ever going to be an end to these "final opinion polls of the campaign"?! Here's one more from Progressive Scottish Opinion...

Constituency vote :

SNP 51% (+6)
Labour 26% (-9)
Conservatives 12% (+2)
Liberal Democrats 8% (+1)

Regional list vote :

SNP 53% (+12)
Labour 22% (-14)
Conservatives 12% (+4)
Greens 5% (-1)
Liberal Democrats 3% (-2)

In all honesty I think these are very silly figures that can be safely ignored. The fieldwork overlapped with the far, far narrower YouGov poll - and of course YouGov itself overstated the SNP by several points last time round.

How's everyone's nerves?

UPDATE (1.15am): OK, as I watch Linda Fabiani jumping up and down in East Kilbride, maybe it wasn't quite such a daft poll!


  1. Ah sod it James, I can hear Eck's cry tomorrow morning..."Free by half past three!"

  2. Can't believe these rumours, FL, maybe the poll wasn't quite so daft!

  3. There's only one poll that they say.

    Welllllll.... so there is, and it did!

    Here's to 5 years of better government.