Sunday, December 19, 2010

An Über-Christmas awaits? Mebbes aye, mebbes naw...

Kevin Baker's long-awaited 'Überpost' in response to my series of posts on gun control has arrived, weighing in at just under 5000 words. To give him his due, it's a more thoughtful piece this time, and doesn't rely on the familiar 'statistical bombardment' technique. Something of an irony that, because for my own part I'd wearily given in to the inevitable and started discussing the statistical evidence in a number of posts this year (eg. here and here). Indeed, it's striking that Kevin is basically responding to things I said way back in the spring of 2009, rather than in my many posts this year on the subject (notably this one) although to be fair that's probably due to information overload.

All in all, he's presented me with something of a dilemma - having posted on an almost daily basis for most of this year, I'd more or less decided to take a break from blogging over the festive period. But in the light of Kevin's attempts to psychoanalyse me (not least in relation to my support for the SNP) it might be difficult to resist an earlier response. We'll see...


  1. As they say - 'have a break and have a kit-kat'. You deserve it. Keep up the good work in 2011. Italy and San Marino in the 2011 ESC - all we need now is Luxembourg. :) That will confuse those in America. :)

  2. Thanks, Marcia.

    There was even a rumour about Qatar joining the ESC a few weeks ago - that would have confused most Europeans, let alone Americans!

  3. Thanks for all the blogs in the last year James. I've enjoyed reading them and learned a lot.

    Have a good Christmas and I wish you happiness and success (if the two are compatible and I see no reason why they should not be) in 2011.

    All the best


  4. A very Happy Christmas to you, Tris, and all the best for the New Year! And thanks so much for all the comments you've left here over the last twelve months.

    You and Munguin run a fantastic blog, and I look forward to seeing it go from strength to strength in 2011.