Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Total Politics poll

Many thanks to everyone who voted this blog onto Total Politics' list of top Scottish blogs! Having failed to trouble the scorer last year, I'm really chuffed to finish as high as 23rd. Congratulations also to Munguin and Tris for the well-deserved success of Munguin's Republic in the poll.

There are no huge surprises in the top 10, although as Andrew Reeves has pointed out, it's puzzling that Subrosa at number 9 is an outright 'new entry'. It's also slightly disappointing to see SNP Tactical Voting slip from 2nd to 3rd. For me, it's the leading Scottish political blog by a country mile, and in spite of the name it's relatively ecumenical and non-partisan, so it ought to have a broad appeal. However, the format of the poll works against it - blogs with a UK-wide focus that happen to be penned by a Scot (eg. Tom Harris) have a considerable inbuilt advantage.


  1. Congratulations indeed James. I'm really pleased for you.

    For all your modesty and enjoy other blogs though I do, this is, without a doubt, the best Scottish blog I read.

    Your intelligent analysis of what’s going on in Scottish politics and your ability to cut through the bull, together with your witty narrative style, which wastes not a single word, has impressed me mightily from the first time I read one of your stories. Hell, along with Sophia, you managed to spark an interest for me in the Eurovision Song Contest!

    I look forward to your posts and my own opinions are often informed by what you have written.

    Well done again... and thanks for pointing out MR's own modest appearance (for the first time ever) in any blog "hit parade", and also for your words of congratulations.

  2. Thanks, Tris - you'll make me blush in a minute! In all seriousness, though, your blog's breadth of coverage, command of policy detail and frequency of posts is very hard to match. But thankyou for your very kind words, and I'm particularly thrilled if Sophia and I have spread the Gospel of Eurovision a little further!

  3. James as I pointed out on Andrew's blog Subrosa had opted out of the polling last year. I for one voted for her before she made that announcement last year.

    I did however mention her in the write up for the book itself last year. :)

  4. Thanks for the explanation, Stephen - I thought perhaps she had been left out last year by mistake. Congratulations on breaking into the top 10, by the way!