Thursday, September 9, 2010

Summer (OK, Autumn) quiz no. 4 : Find the political party!

The answer to the third quiz was Pete Wishart.

OK - this, you'll be delighted to hear, is the last of the quizzes! Or at any rate it's the last of the four I wrote as a batch back on the 19th of July (ie. right now in my own time-zone), and pre-scheduled for publication with the assistance of my Blogger Tardis. This one is maybe a touch trickier - you're looking for the name of a political party. As ever, you need to find the answers to all the following clues, take the first letter of each answer, and jumble those letters up until they spell the name of a political party. Remember - if the answer to a particular clue is a person's name, you are looking for the first letter of their first name, not of their surname.

Clues :

1. A former Cabinet minister who stands a theoretical chance of being the wife of the next leader of the Labour party - but I do emphasise "theoretical".

2. A current Tory member of parliament - but John Bercow isn't Speaker in her name.

3. Four of the last eight UK general elections have taken place during this calendar month.

4. An anti-slavery campaigner who the current Foreign Secretary has written a biography of.

5. A minister in Ramsay MacDonald's Labour government who had previously been a Conservative MP, went on to form his own party, and was interned during the Second World War.

6. One of the three previously rock-solid Labour heartland seats that fell to Plaid Cymru in the 1999 Welsh Assembly elections, along with Islwyn and Llanelli.

7. The former SNP parliamentarian defeated by Kenneth Calman for the Chancellorship of Glasgow University.

8. The soap opera in which the Mayor of London made an uncharacteristically humble appearance.

9. The parliament in which Ian Paisley achieved the high point of his career - heckling the Pope.

10. The paper on which MPs find the parliamentary business of the day.

11. The Welsh birthplace of Australia's Prime Minister.

12. The former tabloid editor who 'accused' Gordon Brown on Question Time of being "a Scot, but worse than that, a socialist Scot".

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