Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Why is the Scottish government even cooperating in writing with this committee of clowns?

I was going to try to resist the temptation to write yet another full post on almost exactly the same subject as the last one, but it has to be noted in passing that Menendez's latest pronouncement on the Megrahi affair is bordering on the deranged. He's clearly impugning the integrity of Kenny MacAskill and Dr Andrew Fraser by suggesting that "all" witnesses who have declined to appear before the Senate are "stonewalling" and need "to clear their names". The latter point shows an arrogant disregard for UK/Scottish sovereignty by implying that a US committee is the appropriate (and indeed final) arbiter for who is or is not "guilty" in this matter.

He also warns us that he and his colleagues will be "publicly" and "frequently" requesting further documents from the Scottish government. Evidently the world is meant to shudder before America's righteous and tireless pursuit of truth. But what do you want to bet that these requested documents will be - just like the last batch - ones that were published on the Scottish Government website months ago, or ones that haven't been published for the simple reason that the US government denied permission? The man's refusal to do basic homework and his need for others to point out elementary facts that are in front of his eyes - sometimes many times over before the message finally gets home - utterly beggars belief. And any sign of a gracious apology when he realises that one of his previous sanctimonious rants was based on false information or outright ignorance? Don't be daft. This man who presumes to adjudicate upon the integrity of others demonstrably has precious little of his own.

From initially having thought that Alex Salmond should testify in person, I'm beginning to wonder why he's even bothering to cooperate in writing with this committee of clowns. They don't want "The Truth", they want a show-trial with a transparently predetermined outcome. I'm glad that the Scottish government is at least showing strictly limited interest in playing along with their little game.


  1. Let them go on with this charade for as long as they possibly can. It’s all grist to the SNP’s popularity mill. There is nothing that annoys the Scots as much as a bully so let them go on with it until their November elections I say. Then it’s only six months to the Scottish general election and who know the SNP may increase its seat tally. All aided by the incomparable help of the junior partners in all this the Tories. Thanks very much to the Toad of Toad Hall of the international scene, whose creeping sycophancy, used to blow his own importance to the stars, is becoming legend. Aided by his trusty sidekick Uriah Hague who is always very ‘umble when US senators are about.

  2. Yes, I've noticed that with Hague. I almost feel slightly embarrassed for him.

  3. Oh, boy! The egocentric fascisti in Scotland are going to get their comeuppance. The release of Maghrahi was a political statement by them probably funded by BP. I hope the Yanks wear you down and the living victims get real justice. A curse on your house.

  4. Anon - Your profound insights into the 'truth' of this case (apparently divined without the need for evidence or any other pointless luxuries of that kind) might have a tad more credibility if you knew how to spell Megrahi's name.

    The "living victims" do indeed deserve real justice - it's just a pity that the wrongful conviction of Megrahi provided them with only a cruel illusion of justice. That was Scotland's failing in this case, not the courageous decision to release him.