Saturday, June 19, 2010

In Clive Tyldesley's world, Nena saw 66 red balloons go by

For a good forty minutes I thought Mr Tyldesley was finally conquering his chronic case of 1966-mentionitis. He regaled us (I use the word in a relative sense) with tales of how Gordon Banks had been temporarily replaced in 1970, and how Italy had gone on to win the World Cup in 1982 despite drawing all of their first three games.

But then he went and spoiled it.

"Actually, only two sides have ever failed to win their opening match and gone on to win the World Cup. One was Italy in '82, might remember the other one.

That's right. It was England. In 1966."

But that must you mean to say that England actually won the World Cup in 1966, Clive? Why has no-one ever mentioned this fascinating historical curiosity before?


Things that Clive Tyldesley actually said, no. 43 -

"Algeria have looked the better of the two sides. ALGERIA."

One word, Clive : class.

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