Tuesday, May 4, 2010

No postal vote numbers here, guv.

I'm very sorry to hear that Jeff Breslin may be facing the stress of a police investigation for revealing information about postal votes, especially since - a) if a mistake was made it was plainly an honest one, and b) no actual numbers were published in any case, only general impressions of which way the wind might be blowing. The latter point makes me think the complaint was nothing more than a stunt by the SNP's opponents, as I'd be amazed if anything comes of it.

But I asked this question on Political Betting after the Kerry McCarthy incident - is it just my imagination, or didn't a newspaper reveal precise figures for postal vote numbers (in Ochil for example) a few days before the 2007 Holyrood election? I certainly recall Nick Robinson making reference to what those numbers were showing on The Daily Politics - it sticks in my mind because I was furious that as a London journalist he was clearly allowing himself to be fed information by Labour sources only. I don't recall Robinson, or the newspaper in question, having their collars felt. Has the law been tightened in the interim?

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  1. Ah, one rule for the rich and famous, another for the poor and unknown... and altogether another rule for Jackboot Straw.

    That's the Britain I was instructed to be proud of and to love, and to be prepared to die for.

    Don't it just make you sick?