Friday, April 9, 2010

Murphy's sanctimony comes back to haunt him again

Firstly, I'd just like to sincerely thank Labour for ensuring that the first big scandal of the general election campaign has occurred in a safe Nationalist seat, thus guaranteeing that the London-based media are forced to acknowledge - at least in passing - that the SNP do actually exist (always something of a painful process for them).

Secondly, I'm struggling to see how it can be denied that Jim Murphy has just flunked a very big judgement call. Reading through the original story on Stuart MacLennan in the Scottish Sun, it's very hard to see precisely what 'further information' could possibly have been required to determine that this man was not a fit person to be a parliamentary candidate.

Thirdly, I think we might just have heard the last from Scotland's Supreme Spiritual Guide, the Venerable Brother Murphy, on the subject of 'disgusting CyberNats'. Certainly, he's not going to have a lot of credibility in ever again trying to hold the SNP leadership responsible for the uncontrollable actions of a handful of anonymous supporters on the internet, when he is asking us to accept that it is perfectly plausible that he had no idea about the bile one of his own parliamentary candidates was pouring out on Twitter, in spite of the fact that the person in question was brazenly doing so under his own name, and that his followers included several prominent Labour figures, one of whom was the wife of the Prime Minister.

Incidentally, I also look forward to hearing at length from David Maddox about 'CyberLabs' for a change. (Sounds suitably sinister, like the sort of thing Tony Blair was desperately hoping might turn up in Iraq one day.)


  1. Stuart MacLennan's comments on his constituency really do give a flavour of the Labour mindset, born to rule with the inconvenience of having to win a constituency, especially one outside Glasgow.

    For a would be MP to describe his future constituents as, "teuchters", or to describe being in his target constituency as being, "stuck up north", shows an arrogance and disdain of the the people whose votes and support he needs to get into Westminster that reminds me of an old-time aristocrat.

    I did find an interesting description of him on the Edinburgh University Labour Club site though I'm not sure when it was written or who wrote it.

  2. “Asked why he had not acted sooner, Mr Murphy said: “I am not a follower of this individual’s Twitter feed so I had no idea of these comments, and no one in the Labour Party did.””


    “no one in the Labour Party did.”

    Just a sample of other Labour Party followers

    * Craig Martin Labour Councillor for areas in Falkirk North
    * Margaret Curran MSP
    * David Cairns MP
    * Willie Bain MP
    * Wendy Alexander MSP
    * David Alexander MP
    * Elaine Murray MSP
    * Cammy day Councillor Forth Ward
    * Neil Bibby Councillor Renfrewshire

    see –
    see –

    I wonder just how many them have been following this bigoted and offensive CyberBritNat ?

    Also very interestingly there is one more individual who is a follower the Labour Press Release specialist Scotsmand journalist – David Maddox. Now how could he have missed this exclusive when he was a fellow follower with all these Labour Party members including Jim Murphy ?

    see –

  3. Looks like the Scottish Secretary Jim Murphy has been caught red handed lying on national TV (BBC)

    “Asked why he had not acted sooner, Mr Murphy said: “I am not a follower of this individual’s Twitter feed so I had no idea of these comments, and no one in the Labour Party did.””


    However courtesy of google cache the following can be found

    CyberBritNat MacLennan follower bottom row 4th from right, guess who ?

    Mr Jim Murphy.


    Now then given the Scottish Ambassador has been caught with bare faced lying surely action needs to be taken here ? Also interesting that he looks to have covered it up as it not longer seems a coincidence that he just recently dropped
    one of the people he has been following.

    see –


    " Funny watching the rest of breakfast news. BBC v anxious to cover Snp manifesto launch to make up 4 tv debate snub. 2 little 2 late? "