Sunday, April 11, 2010

Cortina bronze for Scotland

Congratulations to Scotland for winning the bronze medal at the men's world curling championship in Cortina - it wasn't quite the colour they were looking for, but after a fairly torrid run of form at the end of the week, I'm sure they'll just be delighted to get some kind of tangible reward for their excellent play at the start of the tournament. They did it the hard way, surrendering the slender advantage they'd held early on in the bronze medal decider against the USA to go into the final end with the scores level and without the hammer, but then took a steal of two to claim what had been starting to look like an improbable victory. This also marks the first time since 2002 that Scotland have won medals in both the men's and women's worlds in the same year, which is not a bad way to bounce back after the bitterly disappointing Olympic campaigns for the 'Great Britain' teams.

After my harsh words about British Eurosport during the women's event, I suppose to even things up I should say that they haven't been quite as bad this time - there were still a couple of occasions when they didn't join live coverage of a Scotland game being shown on Eurosport International, but at least they partly made up for it by showing recorded coverage later in the evening. There were even (shock, horror) one or two occasions when they joined coverage of a Scotland game early, although the cynical side of me knows that's only because they simply didn't have any recorded footage of a French road cycle race to hand.

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