Wednesday, March 24, 2010

SNP take rare lead in YouGov subsample

I hesitated about posting this, because it's only a few hours until the details of a newer poll are published, which in all probability will show a completely different picture. However, on reflection I think it is well worthy of note that, for the first time in ages, a GB-wide YouGov poll (published in Tuesday's Sun) has shown an SNP lead in its Scottish subsample. Here are the full figures -

SNP 27% (+10)
Labour 24% (-10)
Conservatives 23% (-4)
Liberal Democrats 18% (+5)
Others 7% (-2)

Labour's low percentage once again gives the lie to the CyberTory delusion that the tightening GB-wide lead (just four points in this case) can be easily explained away by Labour racking up votes 'where it doesn't need them' in its Scottish heartlands.


  1. "I hesitated about posting this"

    Jinx. Jinx. JINX!

    YouGov The Sun 24/03/10, Scottish subsample:

    Lab 43, Con 27, SNP 16, LD 8, BNP 2, Grn 1, Oth 2

    Oh, for the halcyon days when the SNP used to aggregate various polls showing the Nats in a heroic lead. Nowadays, I'm probably not the only one to be delighted to see the SNP a couple of points ahead of the Tories.

    God. I really need to do something more productive.

  2. Ah well, that's very similar to the figures on Sunday. Tomorrow is a new day!