Monday, March 29, 2010

Osborne's true potential

George Osborne on the Ask the Chancellors programme : "I've got to remember that it's not my money I'm dealing with, it's the public's".

A great pity. Dipping into the Osborne family fortune sounds like a deficit reduction plan with considerable potential.

Mysterious that it was perfectly feasible to find a politically balanced audience for this debate, drawn from across the whole United Kingdom. As I've mentioned before, the audiences for the main leaders' debates will be restricted to a fifteen mile radius of the venues, all in England. This not only means that residents of Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland will be literally banned from participating, but also that the audiences cannot possibly be politically balanced, as by definition SNP and Plaid supporters will not be present, despite commanding roughly 3% support across the UK.

A London party stitch-up? Perish the thought.

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