Friday, January 8, 2010

Let's abolish democracy and anoint George Osborne as 'The Lord'.

Apologies for the slightly misleading headline, but I'm increasingly struggling to come up with imaginative titles for these posts about polling subsamples. The latest one from YouGov (the second in as many days) is somewhat less positive for the SNP, with Labour extending their lead over the Nationalists from nine to sixteen points. However, the good news is that the SNP remain firmly in second place, again strongly suggesting that the final subsample of 2009 was a fluke. Here are the full figures -

Labour 39% (+4)
SNP 23% (-3)
Conservatives 19% (+2)
Liberal Democrats 15% (-)
Others 4% (-3)

On the UK-wide figures, I'm struggling to understand the Tory triumphalism about their improved position in the immediate aftermath of 'Buff' Hoon's bumbling coup attempt. If a one-point drop to 30% (just six points shy of the 2005 figure) is what Labour meltdown looks like, I'd say a hung parliament still looks very much on the cards, four months out from polling day.

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