Sunday, January 3, 2010

A gun's a gun for a' that

Someone suggested to me yesterday that I was in danger of retreating to an "SNP ghetto", but it appears I can rest assured that this blog will never be anything of the sort for as long as a certain Mr. Kevin Baker of Arizona, USA has his way. I had noticed over the last 48 hours a suddenly renewed flurry of traffic from a once-oh-so-familiar source. What could this possibly mean? My best guess was that Kev had featured our little exchange from last Easter on some kind of "review of the year" post. And guess what? I was right! Although I'm intrigued to learn that Kev had apparently "debunked" me back in April. I must have missed that bit - all I noticed at the time was the smoke, mirrors, bluster, and general thuggery.

As a result of the new mention, I've even received a comment on a short post I wrote back in August that had thus far gone shamefully unnoticed by Kevin's groupies. Say what you like about Kevin, but he's extraordinarily generous with these surprise gifts of free internet traffic. So I get this latest one for the New Year - can I have another for my birthday? Or Kev's birthday? How about Burns' Night? Perhaps Kev or Joe Huffman could even delight us all with a new post explaining why A Man's A Man for A' That is really, contrary to superficial appearances, a moving ode to gun rights. If they can do it for fire extinguishers, they can do it for poetry.

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