Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Populus : SNP extend lead

Just for once, we haven't had the normal interminable wait for the detailed figures from the recent Populus poll, carried out last Wednesday and Thursday. The Scottish sub-sample for Westminster shows the following -

SNP 42% (+2)
Labour 29% (+1)
Liberal Democrats 11% (+1)
Conservatives 8% (-12)
Others 11% (+9)

The European Parliament voting intention figures are once again pointing to a potential breakthrough by the Greens -

SNP 36%
Labour 25%
Greens 11%
Liberal Democrats 10%
Conservatives 8%
BNP 5%

One very encouraging point to emerge from recent UK-wide polls (encouraging from my perspective, I mean!) has been the strong support shown for a switch to proportional representation for Westminster elections. In this Populus poll, 56% of respondents say that PR would improve the way Britain's political system works, with only 11% saying it would make it worse.

1 comment:

  1. James, the most startling figure is 8% for the Tories. That is a very poor show and would probably spell the end for the strumpy old bag who leads them.