Thursday, May 14, 2009

My prediction for second Eurovision semi-final (Thursday)

OK, having been unexpectedly side-tracked last night by the random appearance of a 10,000 word dissertation about something I wrote here a month ago (well I'm sure it happens to everyone at some point), back to serious matters. I didn't have much luck with my prediction on Tuesday (only seven out of ten correct), but that may have been partly because I had very strong feelings one way or the other about some of the songs involved. I'm feeling a little more 'detached' about tonight's semi, so let's see if I fare any better. The ten countries I think will qualify for the final tonight, in no particular order, are -


Of course, living in the UK, I don't have a vote tonight but if I did I have a feeling I'd be plumping for Estonia. It fits my criteria of being entirely sung in a language other than English, but in actual fact I think it's the strongest song in the semi anyway. I'll be interested to see the live performance, though - it might help me decide whether I'll be voting for it on Saturday or sticking with the delightful Portuguese entry.

And can they please dispense with the magic button tonight..?

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