Saturday, May 30, 2009

Another AM2 exclusive : Labour politician makes statement that can be vaguely inferred as attack on SNP

AM2 - "Former NATO boss brands SNP 'fringe and oddball'".

Now that would indeed be a troubling headline for the SNP but for two small points - a) the 'former NATO boss' in question just happens (extraordinary coincidence this) to be former Labour Shadow Secretary of State for Scotland and professional SNP-hater George Robertson, and b) he wasn't directly talking about the SNP when he made those comments! George Robertson makes statement that can merely be inferred as an attack on the SNP - now that really is an exclusive worthy of the name.

Elsewhere in Alpha Male World - "Goodbye Mr MacAskill". Hmmm. As Mr MacAskill is still very much here, I can only assume AM2 is off on his hols - but I'm sure Kenny will be thrilled that he merited such a personal farewell.

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