Wednesday, April 15, 2009

'Iain Macwhirter - journalist and blogger'

Quite amusing after all the venom that's been directed at Iain Macwhirter as a result of his denunciation of the blogosphere that when he appeared on Newsnight Scotland tonight the caption read "Iain Macwhirter - journalist and blogger". Gordon Brewer also went out of his way at the start to say "he also writes for his own blog" which led to something of a startled reaction from Macwhirter. I can't remember him ever being introduced in such a way on television - was someone on the programme staff making mischief?


  1. good spot - but a blog he dont post to any longer. He now is rector, and naeone pays him to blog.

    But they do for him to piss on us!

  2. Spotted that. He's topped up his blog and talks about being bitchslapped by the Blogosphere on his facebook page. Har har that'll teach him...