Monday, April 6, 2009

Death of an SNP great

I'm not quite sure how it happened (these things tend to have a life of their own) but I've spent an unhealthy proportion of the last three days on a right-wing American blog having one of those Alice in Wonderland debates on the topic of gun laws with people who seem to believe that black is white, and that the huge quantities of guns washing around in their society somehow prevents violence, rather than being in any way responsible for their appalling murder rate. Anyway, having finally had quite enough of that, I naturally looked to AM2's blog for something else to react to as some light relief! Tragically, all I found instead was his sincere condolences at the death of Professor Sir Neil MacCormick.

This is a particularly upsetting loss - he was one of the SNP's finest, but he's a loss to a great many walks of life other than politics, and of course most of all to his family and friends. I'm proud to say I voted for him not only as an MEP, but also in his unsuccessful attempt to be elected Chancellor of Glasgow University a few years ago.

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  1. Wow James, to go onto an American site discussion about guns armed only with a keyboard...