Tuesday, March 10, 2009

The Earth is flat. North Korea is a democracy. Scotland is over-represented in the European Parliament.

Jeff at SNP Tactical Voting has written a very useful post highlighting Scotland's shocking under-representaion in the European Parliament compared to similar-sized European countries (we would be entitled to roughly twice as many seats if we were independent). But in the comments section, AM2 pops up and declares that, because all 78 UK MEPs almost always vote in the 'Scottish interest' (ahem), we are in fact - wait for it - grossly over-represented! "Not that I'm complaining!" he hilariously declares. A true return to form for Scottish blogging's self-styled 'Alpha Male' - a reminder of the golden days when he regularly turned such mind-bending logical gymnastics into a comedic art form.


  1. Dinnae fash min, AM2 is a bism an a feel gump in a'wiys will be, by javvers he'll nae last lang in an Independent Scotland, he'll be abig fearty like he's been a'his life!

    Great article and yes, we most certainly are under-represented but then that's being part of a Union, soon enough we winnae be and things will be on the up!


  2. Auch James, AM2 would argue with a paper bag. Wonder if he's henpecked?

  3. Yes i read his comment, the Alpha she-male once again has the i am right and you are all wrong bravado anout him.

    Anyway Jeff just booted him up the erse...