Tuesday, March 3, 2009

ComRes sub-sample : SNP storm back into lead

The latest Scottish sub-sample from ComRes published tonight provides a measure of corroboration for YouGov's findings from a few days ago - both show a significant Labour lead being transformed into a small SNP advantage. This means that three of the last four Scottish sub-samples of UK-wide polls have shown the SNP ahead. The full figures are -

SNP 29% (+5)
Labour 25% (-13)
Conservatives 22% (+13)
Liberal Democrats 16% (-1)
Others 9% (-2)

As usual, I'll note that sub-samples of UK polls are inherently unreliable - and indeed because of the smaller sample size this probably applies even more so to ComRes and Populus polls than to YouGov.


  1. good heath warning on these stats Scot the Pop Man

    But Scottish labour MPs must be shitting themselves more than Herald journalits

    But the comrades can at least get rid of their boss

    We will wake up one morning soon top find him all but gone. The survival instinct will overcome the leadership loyalty one

    Im surprised Gordy thinks it safe to leave the coiuntry - even to meet Obama.

    Enjoy his speach to scottish labour confernce in Dundee on Friday, comrades - his last

  2. Labour are in melt down, even if they win in Scotland at the next election, they are finished.

    What a bloody thought, The conservatives win the election and Scotland returns a majority of Labour MP,S.