Tuesday, February 10, 2009

SNP up 2% in ICM 'northern region' sub-sample

The detailed figures from the weekend Sunday Telegraph poll have finally been released on the ICM website, and the breakdown for the 'northern' region (covering the whole of Scotland and an unspecified chunk of England) show the SNP have gained two points and now stand at 9%. The most startling finding is a ten-point drop in Labour support - and yet the Tories are unchanged, so presumably these voters are primarily moving to the SNP in Scotland, and to the Liberal Democrats in northern England. Here are the full figures, with the numbers in brackets representing the change since the last ICM poll for the Guardian in January.

Conservatives 30% (-)
Labour 30% (-10)
Liberal Democrats 26% (+7)
SNP 9% (+2)
Others 6% (+2)

As always with sub-samples, bear in mind that the margin of error is by definition considerably greater than for full-scale polls, and that the figures may not have been properly weighted (indeed ICM specifically state this is the case).

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