Saturday, February 7, 2009

'Others' up 2% in ICM poll

It's a bit early on a Saturday afternoon to be getting word of the Sunday polls, but the Sunday Telegraph have already put up the basic details of their latest ICM poll. The most startling finding is that Labour are back below the psychologically important 30% threshold for the first time since the second 'Brown bounce' last autumn, and that - somewhat inexplicably - the Liberal Democrats have gained six points. But of course as an SNP supporter the first thing I look for is the combined figure for 'others', which encouragingly appears to be up two points. That's very thin information that may or may not be significant, but as ICM are among the slower pollsters in getting the detailed figures up on their website (probably Populus are the absolute worst), that's all we'll have to go on for a while. Even when we do get the figures there won't be a proper Scottish breakdown - ICM, unlike YouGov, Populus and ComRes, rather irritatingly define Scotland as being part of an unspecified area called 'the North'.

NOTE - the 'others' figure hasn't been published yet - I'm surmising it's up 2% because of the changes in the vote share of the other three parties. That may be misleading because of rounding issues.

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