Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Independence is a fully-operational flush

As a follow-on from my last post, I see AM2's latest offering is to mock Alex Salmond's claim that independence is now within "touching distance". Is that not actually quite an apt choice of words, given that the latest poll (which is naturally a blip, a rogue, or quite possibly rigged if all else fails) shows just a two-point deficit for the 'yes' side? "Touching distance" would seem to sum up the current position quite nicely.


  1. James AM2 is clearly touching cloth over this latest poll.

    If the poll was so insignificant then why has he dedicated so much time and spin on it ? If ever there was a busted flush then its AM2.

    I have switched off from his blog for a while, i need some restbite from the boredom.

  2. "James AM2 is clearly touching cloth over this latest poll."

    Nae nae and thrice nae, he has dispensed with cloth see here:

    It really is amusing to see how this fanatical Ulster Loyalist has tried so so hard to import his bigotry itno Scotland, and to agitate in the way he is allowed to on the Scotsman forum.

    Mike Gilson is a disgrace for condoning the incitement to racist hatred that AM2 and all his many monikers operates on a 24/7 basis.

    His moderation of his blog is just to hilarious for words.

    But then as both Broon and Dave have said they will do all in their power to stop Scotland having her independence. The Scotsman is just a part of that BritNat regimes imperialist culture.

    Good post James the SNP have blind sided Westminster once more with LIT.

  3. You're quite right, AMW, ignoring the self-styled "alpha male" of Scottish political message-boards is probably the best policy, but it's hard not to rise to the bait sometimes! I think it's his constant, effortless air of "We all know I'm right anyway, but I'm a patient man and I'll take the time to explain to those too slow to understand".

    KBW, I've always thought that the idea that AM2 has loads of sock-puppets was a bit improbable, but you never know I suppose. The whole thing about his name being exposed and his subsequent tear-jerking 'retirement' from the Scotsman boards (followed by his reappearance about five seconds later) was all a bit odd, and left more questions than answers.

    He is a kind of focal point for the rest of us, though - if he didn't exist we'd have to invent him! (Although maybe we could have come up with someone marginally less smug and irritating.)