Thursday, February 12, 2009

At last - a TV channel worse than Dave!

And on the other end of the spectrum from Kezia, we have Liberal Democrat Caron lambasting the SNP for not banging their heads against a brick wall by bringing forward legislation that was certain to be defeated. I share Caron's frustration for 'Scotland's poorest' who will continue to lose out under the council tax, but the only thing that could actually help such people would be local income tax on the statute book, not a glorious failure at the expense of dozens of hours of wasted parliamentary time.

At the end of her post is a frankly disturbing link to an appearance by Jeremy Purvis on something called 'Tavish TV'. I must admit I'd never previously heard of 'Tavish TV', but then these hip and trendy 'yoof' channels have never really been my thing.

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  1. Awe James, the video has 'been removed by the user'. Wonder why ...