Friday, June 10, 2011

SNP win Bo'ness by-election

The SNP have secured a comfortable victory in yesterday's Bo'ness and Blackness council by-election. There was an eleven-point increase in the party's share of the vote from the 2007 figure, but the result was uncannily similar to the by-election that was held in the same ward in 2009. Here are the vote shares for all the parties -

SNP 58% (+11) (-)
Labour 32% (-) (+2)
Conservatives 8% (-5) (-2)
Independent 2%

The first percentage change figure for each party refers to the change since 2007, and the second to the change since 2009.

We're still awaiting the result of the Tain by-election, in which the SNP start from a very low base.


  1. Tain & Easter Ross (first round):

    SNP - 837 - 33.2%
    Ind R - 811 - 32.2%
    Ind M - 467 - 18.5%
    LD - 307 - 12.2%
    Ind H - 97 - 3.9%

    after 4th round

    Antony GARDENER (Scottish Liberal Democrats) - 318
    Michael HERD (Independent) - 97
    Derek LOUDEN (Scottish National Party) - 1,037
    Ruairidh MACKENZIE (Independent) - 547
    Fiona ROBERTSON (Independent) - 1,204

  2. Thanks, Marcia - an excellent result compared to last time.

  3. A poor result for the Liberals given that Willie Rennie went to Tain to assist.

  4. Not too good for the SNP seeing as we started with 2 councillors and ended with only one. Embarrassing for Willie Rennie in the extreme to go there to add his support and have his candidate eliminated in the second round....ouch! Without having picked up many second preferences! Who is advising Rennie?

    But as the Lib Dems say in the “long game” it bodes well for the SNP and looks like we may sweep the Lib Dems off the local government map in a years time. Also indicative of a good close fight in Inverclyde, I suppose the smart money is on Labour holding on to that but our candidate was a good list MSP for Glasgow who missed out because we won all those constituencies and so should with luck give them a run for their money.

  5. "Not too good for the SNP seeing as we started with 2 councillors and ended with only one."

    In the literal sense that's true, but the SNP councillor in Tain was elected in 2007 an an independent.

    Really pleased that Anne McLaughlin has been chosen as the Inverclyde candidate - don't know if she'll win, but definitely the right choice.