Thursday, April 16, 2009

Cybernit to Lard Jorge - we lake U reely

Speaking as a one-time 'belligerent' on the Scotsman and Herald boards (how else could I have become quite so versed in the ways of a certain Alpha Male?) I must say I'm nothing but delighted when Lord George Foulkes goes into so much detail about his dislike of the 'Cybernats' - it leaves you in no doubt that he must waste a fair bit of his precious time reading contributions from the likes of me. Always nice to know one's labours have not been in vain! But especially interesting to see today that one of his biggest bugbears appears (weirdly) to be the fact that the aforementioned Cybernats don't always use the correct grammar or spelling.

But, come on George, you and I both know the pivotal question here. Are they doing it deliberately?

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