Tuesday, January 25, 2022

Has the Boris Factor outlived its usefulness for the independence movement?

Just a quick note to let you know that I'm quoted (along with Green activist Laura Moodie and Professor James Mitchell) in Alasdair Soussi's latest article for Al Jazeera on the impact of Boris Johnson's troubles on the prospects for Scottish independence.  You can read the article HERE.

Before anyone bites my head off about what I said in my own quotes, although it may look like I was agreeing with Professor Mitchell that a Labour comeback is underway and will undermine independence support, actually the reverse is true.  The point I was making is that we've now reached the stage where Johnson is so unpopular in England that it may be better for us in the long run if he's replaced - as he probably will be.  If, for example, Rishi Sunak becomes Prime Minister, he may be popular enough in England that the likelihood of a Labour government after 2024 will dramatically recede, meaning Scotland will not go down the blind alley of holding off from doing anything about independence just on the 0.0001% chance that Keir Starmer might deliver Devo More or federalism some time this decade.  The choice for the public would still be a straight one between Tory rule and independence.

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  1. I'm confident the majority of people in Scotland see britnats like Johnson and Starmer as equally anti-Scottish. They also see any so-called devo-max-max as another britnat lie.

  2. PMQs today

    Johnston says to Blackford: "Whom actually Mr Speaker I have a behind the scenes, people don't get this, actually we cooperate well, and I want to continue to do so."

    Some of us do get this. Johnston and Blackford are besties. Best of Britnat buddies.

  3. Sorry to say James but the mad liar Irish, or is it Scottish, Skier posts on WGD you want the Tories to run Scotland. He also says your cover is now blown.

    The nasty nicophant numpty Dr Jim calls Alba the revenge party.

    Alba is the party of independence. SNP are devolutionalists who will never deliver independence.

  4. Will the police investigation into partygate at Downing st take as long as the police investigation in to the missing ring fenced Indyref2 funds supposedly held by Murrell/SNP somewhere but no one knows where?

    What did the people of Scotland do to deserve TWO corrupt governments.

    Vote Alba for Scottish independence.

  5. Devo More was an actual thing, created by IPPR during the independence campaign. It was very close to the actual Smith Commission outcomes.