Monday, December 13, 2021

Ken McDonald, editor of iScot magazine, is the special guest on Episode 14 of the Scot Goes Popcast

For Episode 14 of the Scot Goes Popcast I was joined by Ken McDonald, the editor of iScot magazine, which I've written a monthly column for since 2017.  It's a unique publication, because it's a high-quality print magazine in wide circulation that is explicitly pro-independence and run by grass-roots Yes supporters. Many people have probably heard of iScot without having taken a look for themselves yet, and if that describes you, this podcast is a golden opportunity to find out what you're missing.  Ken explains...

* How he started the magazine as an alternative to shouting at the TV when "Jackanory" Jim Murphy was being interviewed.

* The vital importance of having a pro-Yes print publication, given that many older people can't really be reached by online New Media.

* How iScot's readership demographics very closely mirror the demographics of No voters in the 2014 referendum, leaving the magazine ideally placed to reach the people whose minds need to be changed.

* Why only a relatively small proportion of the magazine's articles are directly about politics and independence, with the others showcasing what a capable country Scotland is.

* Why he's confident that iScot will still be around in seven or eight years' time.

* How iScot is a platform for all shades of opinion within the independence movement, including the SNP, Alba and IFS.

* What happened when iScot thought it had arranged an interview with Peter Murrell.

You can listen to the episode as a traditional podcast via the embedded Soundcloud player below, or via the direct Soundcloud link, or you can watch it in video form via the embedded YouTube player.  The Popcast is also available on Stitcher and Spotify.

To find out the various ways of purchasing iScot, either in print or as a digital download, please click HERE.


  1. Whit - no WGD numpty took up your challenge. Shockaroony.

  2. I would urge all your readers to subscribe to iScot for the sheer range of really interesting articles. It's an absolute bargain.

  3. Is there a bigger thicker WGD Numpty than Hamish100?

    This is Hamish on Alba: "If they want to be taken seriously then they need to put candidates up for every seat in Scotland or keep quiet."

    Now even I know that the Scottish Greens don't always put up a candidate and they are in Government with the SNP. But Indyref2yespleasenicola demolishes Hamish by pointing out that the SNP only put up 23 put of 72 candidates in the 1966 general election and only 2 candidates in 1955. But best of all was: " why, to this day, the SNP only usually stand an average of 2 candidates in 4 councillor wards? Why not stand 4? "

    In summary, Hamish100 is saying the SNP and Greens cannot be taken seriously and should just keep quiet. YA NUMPTY Hamish.

    So you might think Hamish would be chastened by publicly embarrassing himself but no he quotes a line from the above article to then attack Alba again. Hamish says: " Who needs people that would attack an Independence Party first and then the Tories second." Hamish and his fellow numpties fit that description pretty well. In fact that is all Sturgeon did in the run up to the Scot Parliamment election in May.

    Hamish - what an embarrassing numpty.

  4. Has Indyref2yespleasenicola said he has contributed to the SGP fundraiser - NO

    Has Indyref2yespleasenicola asked other WGD numpties to directly contribute to the SGP fundraiser - NO.

    He has said it is time for healing. Unfortunately Hamish100, mad liar Skier and nasty numpty Dr Jim don't seem to agree. Another pile on against Alba.

    Here is a taster of it from DrJim: " If an entity claims to be a political party with a positive or even negative agenda then standing for office is what you do in order to offer your prospectus before the electorate, if you choose not to do that then you are no different to any other opposition who behaves in the same way, like the BBC or other TV media or Scotland in Union, or These Islands, of Better Together or George Galloway and the list goes on of unaccountable to the public hostile bodies."

    There you are James the party you are on the NEC for is no better than Scotland in Union or These Islands. All because Alba didn't stand in a council by election. These people think they are making rational comments. Anyone wonder why I call them numpties. So I say to Indyref2yespleasenicola heal your own house nutters.

    There is hope though as nasty numpty Dr Jim says he " will say no more on the subject. Personally I can't see that lasting.

  5. A numpty from Melbourne is feeling left out because I haven't called him a numpty. There you go now Melb Don. Happy to oblige. No need to thank me.

    1. I remember Melbourne Don from his occasional attempts to post here. He was probably one of the worst of the lot, because he literally didn't have anything to say - all he wanted to do was moan about the existence of this blog, and the fact that it dared to have a perspective he didn't like, and the fact that it dared to have a moderation policy.