Friday, November 12, 2021

VIDEO EXCLUSIVE: Hear the Westminster and independence voting intention numbers from the new Scot Goes Pop / Panelbase poll

SCOT GOES POP POLLING FUNDRAISER: I'm having to partly cover the costs of the current poll with my own funds, so if we're going to run further polling in the future, we'll need to reach the £6500 target in the fundraiser (or get very close to it).  We're close to 60% of the way there so far, with more than £2500 still required.  So any donations, large or small, would be greatly appreciated and will make all the difference.  Don't risk leaving public opinion polling exclusively in the hands of the mainstream media, with all the bias that entails!  Here are three ways in which you can donate...

1) Paypal payments to the email address:

Paypal is the preferred payment method because money is transferred immediately and without fuss.  All you need to ensure is that the above email address is entered correctly (note the ending), and add a note with the word "poll" or "fundraiser".  (But don't worry if you forget to do the latter bit, because it'll still be obvious what the payment is for.)

2) Payments to the Scot Goes Pop GoFundMe Fundraiser page, which can be found HERE.


3) Direct bank transfer.  Contact me by email if you prefer this option.  My contact email address is different from my Paypal address above, and can be found in the sidebar of the blog (desktop version of the site only), or on my Twitter profile.

Thank you all once again for your amazing continued support, and in particular many thanks to the more than 160 people who have already donated.

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  1. My initial thought is that it is perfect for the SNP - plenty more SNP MPs getting short money from Westminster for Murrell to squirrel away but poor enough on the yes vote for Sturgeon to make a case to not have Indyref2 until we are well up the mad liar Skiers ski slope graph e.g. Year 2040.

    Does it fit in with the expert pollster🤣 Skiers ski slope graph? Who cares his graph is mince anyway.