Thursday, September 9, 2021

"We want OUT!": Support for "leaving the United Kingdom" soars to historic HIGH as Scotland in Union propaganda poll spectacularly BACKFIRES

It's absolutely uncanny.  The five predictions I made about the poll Scotland in Union were trailing last night proved to be pretty much accurate - albeit the media can't seem to make up their minds whether it's a Survation poll or a Panelbase poll, and the tacked on SNP quote comes from a generic spokesperson rather than Keith Brown.

Crucially, the latest installment of the Remain/Leave farce finds 43% support for "leaving the United Kingdom" with Don't Knows stripped out - absolutely identical to the previous poll.  So if the trends on the propaganda question do run parallel to trends on genuine independence polling (a very big "if") it would appear that there has been no slippage at all in support for independence.  In fact, before Don't Knows are removed, "Leave" support stands at 39% - the highest ever in a Scotland in Union poll, and a two point increase on the most recent poll in the series.  Our Precious Union is, it seems, becoming increasingly unpopular.

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  1. New Opinium poll has the Yes ahead in a poll for Sky News 51-49.

  2. Sky News commissioned a poll by Opinium, which may explain the confused reports:

    Nice to see a Yes lead again. The wonders of actually talking about independence…

  3. This was a survation poll, I was one of the respondents are recognised it as a Scotland in Union poll straight away due to the questions wording. It also came with questions about if you would be more/less likely to vote if the Euro was adopted, your personal income was reduced ect. It also asked about what the SNP/Green coalition's priorities should be. One of the questions also asked if the SNP/Greens dropped plans for a referendum whether it would make Scotland more or less united. There were also questions about party leade approval as well.