Sunday, September 12, 2021

Independence polling update

A couple of people asked what happened to my blogpost from last night. I realised when I woke up that it (unwittingly) contained misleading information, and I didn't have enough time to edit it, so I just took it down. Alas, the Stack Data poll turned out to show the complete opposite of what I thought - I was led astray by the unconventional way it was presented in a tweet. It in fact showed a 52-48 lead for No, which is a 2% swing to No since the last poll from the same firm. Today's new Panelbase poll also seems to show a 52-48 No advantage, which is unchanged from the previous Panelbase poll. 

Bear in mind that both the ComRes poll and the Opinium poll showed a 1% swing to Yes, so put all of the information from the last few days together and it looks essentially like a no change picture. 

* * * 

The most significant part of Alex Salmond's widely-acclaimed speech at the Alba conference was the announcement that Robin McAlpine will be penning the 'Wee Alba Book'. That's a huge coup that will surely win the party some new-found credibility with at least parts of the radical left. The oft-heard charge from the SNP and Green trendies that Alba is "conservative" or "right-wing" looks ever more absurd. In fact it looks barking mad.

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  1. Get the rabies vaccines ready. The numpty doggers are foaming at the mouth about THE WEE ALBA BOOK

    Poor old Grizebard wants his money back from Campbell. Go on Grizebard go for it - tell Campbell you want your money back - I'd love to see Campbell's reply to you {grin} {wink}.

    These are the same numpty doggers that turn a blind eye to the missing money for Indyref2 after 4 years but a least a donation to Campbell is getting used for a book promoting independence information. But the numpty doggers are so full of party first dogma they are against it. Best calm down doggers before some of you expire and the others have to blame it on Campbell and his book.

    Hey doggers what party is being investigated by the police it ain't Alba.

  2. Sadly, reading around, it seems what I feared was going to happen is coming true. The anti Alex Salmond /Alba/ Wings sections of the yes movement would rather burn the whole thing to the ground rather than bite the bullet and even if they cannot support the above just not say anything.

    I'm pretty sure if Wings said that the sky was blue you would have Pete Wishart tweeting that he was not going to be told the colour of the sky by a vile blogger and BTL commentators saying that he was out of touch and could not possibly know the colour of sky in Scotland from Bath.

    Unionists, of course, are rubbing their hands together, they don't have to do anything to dispute whats written in the book - they will just let the anti Salmond/Wings/Alba faction do it for them.

  3. Someone else in Another Place complaining that money once donated to Stu Campbell might somehow find its way into paying for the New Blue Book.

    So funny!

  4. The Times have so far, only released the above question from their Panelbase poll. I thought they might release the rest in today's Times but no show yet. Perhaps they don't like the answers?

  5. The Times have now released more details of their Panelbase poll. Although the support for Independence has not yet been released.


    As ever there is always a massive choice on WGD but this quote from the nasty numpty Dr Jim manages to demonstrate both the level of self delusion (or lies) and the desperation that you can now find all over WGD about Indyref2.

    "There will be a referendum on Scotlands Independence in 2023 exactly the timescale set out by the FM on many many bloody many occasions, .........."

    Of course Sturgeon has never said there WILL be a referendum in 2023 not once never mind many bloody occasions. There is no timescale. Only yesterday Sturgeon said a referendum will happen when it is the right time. This is no different from Theresa Mays comment back in 2017 that now is not the time.

    In summary, nasty numpty Dr Jim is either full of self delusion and never ending wishful thinking or like Skier he is just a plain liar and Sturgeon propagandist who only numpties would believe.

  7. I wonder how many of the current batch of SNP MPs look at Wishart and secretly think Pete has done all right for himself - 25 years of living the high life in London. Maybe being a House Jock in Westminster ain't so bad. Make the odd speech now and again about how bad the Tories are, get involved in a bit of friendly banter with the Unionists opposite, post the odd Twitter comment about Scottish independence then go and enjoy the London nightlife.

  8. Tuned in to the SNP conference to see what the numpties are saying - got the countdown clock again.

    Exhilarating as the WGD numpty Capella would put it. 😂😂😂😂



    Well the things I do as an independence supporter. Once again Kavanagh says there will definitely be an independence referendum and nasty numpty Dr Jim is orgasmic about Sturgeons speech so I thought perhaps I should listen to Sturgeons speech after all.

    As the boring platitudes went on and on I kept myself awake waiting for the great announcement on independence that Kavanagh and DrJim seem to say was in the speech. Jim gave it multiple wows - WOW WOW WOW went Jim.

    Nothing - no date no timetable but Sturgeon wants cooperation with Westminster to deliver the referendum - no mention of the gold standard or sec 30 this time but still the same stuff. I will bet that by now as I write this Johnston will have told her to pissof with her cooperation about a referendum. She did as she always does throw in the word LEGAL - it will be a legal referendum she says. So there you are the old excuse hanging around in the background if Covid ever disappears.

    I will believe there will be a referendum when a date is in place in law and not before. Certainly not because Sturgeon, Kavanagh or a numpty like Dr Jim just say there will be one. No doubt the The National will headline INDYREF2 is on its way.

    The Britnats have been gaslighting the people of Scotland for centuries we are now getting it from people who claim to be independence supporters.

    1. Well I was right Sturgeon was told to pissoff by Johnson re cooperating on a referendum. He was so quick off his mark you would almost think it was coordinated.

      Next up will be the liar Skier who will say it is all part of Sturgeons grand plan to increase votes for Yes. Skier never explains in his grand secret plan of Sturgeons how did the polls drop down from the 58% yes to current levels.

      It is all gaslighting bullshit.

  10. Meanwhile, in other news on WGD the land of the doggers and the home of the numpty the well kent liar Skier has posted another couple of graphs that look like ski slopes/jumps. Extrapolated to 2080 it will probably show 100% for yes. Skier and Sturgeon will probably say best wait till then just to make sure.

  11. The BBC "bigging up" Sturgeon tells you all you need to know. They are more than happy for her to be in charge of the SNP. They are more than happy the SNP delegates voted to kick the referendum can down the road again.

    Note to the doggers on WGD you are going to be dead before independence happens under Sturgeon because it never will. In the history of nations can there ever have been a more pathetic leader of a supposed party of independence.