Sunday, May 30, 2021

Yes vote at 50% in spiffing Stack survey

Thanks to Scottish Skier for pointing me in the direction of an independence poll from a couple of weeks ago that is so obscure that it doesn't even appear on Wikipedia's list of polls.  I might add it to the list myself if nobody else does.  It was conducted by Stack Data, which is a "trading brand of Hanbury Strategy", and thus very much associated with the anti-independence campaign.

Should Scotland be an independent country? (Stack Data)

Yes 50%
No 50%

Even with Don't Knows included it's level-pegging (48-48), so this rather helpfully breaks the little sequence of No-majority polls from before the Holyrood election.  The fieldwork dates precede the ComRes / Scotsman poll, which means it was probably the first post-election independence poll.  The bad news, though, is that the ComRes numbers I took from Wikipedia earlier weren't totally accurate - the No figure before Don't Knows were excluded was understated by 2%.


  1. We'll be independent within a year.

    Plans for new national flagship to promote 'best of British'

    My god this is desperate stuff. I count 4 union jacks including the stern ensign. We can assume all the cushions and soft furnishings will be similar. All for the purpose of making trade deals with the former colonies harder.

    I'd feel kinda sorry for such a pathetic end to the UK if I wasn't (half) Irish. But then they shot at my family after these fought and died in the trenches for them, so GTF.

    1. When you lie, try to remember what you said or you'll just end up forgetting and contradicting yourself.
      Oirish my arse you are.

    2. The argument that they wouldn't be wheeling out the royals and flagships if they didn't think we were about to become independent, and therefore we are, is such a weird one because it relies on Johnson's government having their finger on the pulse of events in Scotland.

  2. James I don't know how to say this without sounding like Stu Campbell but I feel totally burst on indy. I want just as much but fighting hard not to give up on it. I can't explain it easily but I just feel that it's goosed and it's now for my children to win. We had the goal gaping n put it over the bar. The fact its 50/50 in any other moment in time would be a call to arms(not literally) but isn't now is totally deflating. We as Scots should be well into 60% and higher after recent events. God please give me my puff back!! And soon

  3. Mexico of course know the country of Scotland well; they've beaten us often enough at the footie. Even welcomed us to FIFA WC Mexico 1986 back when we used to qualify. I remember collecting stickers for my panini album.

    Scottish independence: Mexico's president tells Westminster to allow referendum

    Surely the UK hasn't become the USSR since 2014 the world is starting to ask? Is Scotland now to be crushed beneath the English jackboot like the Russians did to Eastern Europe?

    What happened to the Britain that 'fought to liberate countries in Europe from fascist dictatorships, allowing them to democratically self-determine their governments'?

    Nope, I suspect we'll have our vote when we want it.