Monday, January 4, 2021

An embarrassment to the Yes movement

In what technically counts as Stuart Campbell's 679th article about me, he complained today about an unnamed blogger who had supposedly made a "completely gratuitous and unprovoked personal attack" on him.  I was slightly bemused to follow the link and discover that he was still going on about me calling his views on Nicola Sturgeon "comical".  I must say that for a man who routinely calls people "c**ts", he has an insanely low threshold for what constitutes "personal abuse" in the opposite direction.

Just to further demonstrate what might be charitably described as a monumental double-standard and/or failure of self-awareness, I received the following email from him this afternoon.

From: Reverend Stuart Campbell
To: James Kelly
Date: 4 Jan 2021, 16:58

Subject-line: You pathetic, snivelling coward

Text: So you're happy to let people defame me with lies but I don't get to reply? What a wretched little c**t you are.

It's been pointed out to me that a highly abusive, unsolicited email of this type is almost certainly against the law in some way, so he should count himself lucky that I'm not going to pursue it.  This episode is revealing in more than one way, though, because it also speaks to Stuart's narcissism.  What he appears to be angry about is the fact that I've switched on pre-moderation for comments.  He just assumed that was about him, in the same way he assumes that everything is about him - but it wasn't.  As regular readers know all too well, the comments section of this blog has been plagued by a hardcore troll called "Poppy", and for months now I've been switching pre-moderation on when he's around, and back off again when he disappears for a while.  He turned up this morning after a gap of a few days, so I switched pre-moderation on.

Incredible though it may seem, there are some things that happen in this world without being a conspiracy against the Reverend Stuart Campbell.

*  *  *

UPDATE: Just a quick reply to some of the points that have been made on social media.  First of all, yes I'm sure the abusive email genuinely came from Stuart.  I was able to check, because he had previously sent me an email in 2012, and it came from the same address.  

Obviously Stuart's diehard supporters will always give him a free pass no matter how outrageous his behaviour becomes, so I'm not going to worry too much about them.  What troubles me far more, though, are the people who say "James, you and Stuart are both valuable to the Yes movement and this silly squabble needs to stop, we need to bash your two silly heads together".  I would just ask those people to take a step back and consider how they'd feel if they received the email that I received from Stuart.  Or how they'd feel if a close friend or family member received it.  Would they really regard it as just silly knockabout stuff?  Just part of a silly squabble?

Or would they not, in fact, regard it as totally unacceptable behaviour?  Because, frankly, that was my reaction, and the reaction of the people I showed the email to.  I'm not sure about anyone else, but I am not accustomed to receiving emails out of the blue calling me a "wretched little c**t" or a "pathetic snivelling coward", and the day I do become accustomed to that or start to regard it as normal, something will have gone very badly wrong.


  1. Is that really him?
    Astonishing. Disturbing.
    If so, he needs help.
    Hope you are well

  2. 'C**t' is a highly misogynistic term thrown around by right wing unionist Britain first types in my experience. It's certainly not language to make your mother proud, and not that used on any indy marches I've attended.

    1. Skier says - "in my experience" - is that what your Unionist friends used to call you before you supposedly converted them to support independence.

    2. I was most recently called a 'c**t' by a right winger who refers to Scots who voted Yes as 'gutless' compared to the 'brave' English who he prefers to live amongst by his own admission.

  3. Well done for posting his e-mail James.

    Stuart Campbell is a sad, divisive, horrible individual bursting at the seams with his own self importance.

    He does nothing for the Independence Movement.

  4. Forget it! He is an irrelevant cult leader having his ego stroked by his dozen hand maidens.
    He still thinks high site visit numbers equals supporters...most people look in to see what today's crazy rant is.

  5. Think the rev has hit the whiskey On The lockdoon. Old reruns of take the High Road are getting more attention.

  6. Judging by Campbells email, and Trumps phone-call, they are both entering steep and catastrophic psychological decline at the same time.

  7. It sounds like being a conspiracy theorist (and maybe it is) but I have come to suspect that Stu Campbell is a long-term MI5 mole. He always did a certain amount of damage with his online abuse, but it has gone far beyond that. No need to argue with me. To me, it is just the most obvious explanation for his anti-SNP and anti-Nicola Sturgeon campaign.

    1. I remember him reaching out to the SNP to stand as a complimentary party.... he was rebuffed and has been on a crusade to destroy Nicola Sturgeon. Unfortunately for him... he’s destroying himself.
      He’s been jilted.

  8. And to think i used to contribute to his fundraisers,what a twat.

  9. A bit hypocritical complaining about moderation btl, when he just bans anyone that disagrees with him btl.

  10. Hi James.... it’s of topic .... but have you ever included the question (would you be happy to use the Euro in an independent Scotland) in your polling?

    Is it a daft question 😳

  11. In other news: hurrah I see we are over the fundraiser target.

  12. How very hilarious that you avoid commenting on the material issue, namely the malicious and defamatory lie that you've allowed to be published, which is still there, while still not allowing the response to it pointing out that it's a lie.

    The Scotsman has already had to pay several thousand pounds for publishing the exact same lie, so maybe be careful when you start talking about legal action.

    1. "Be careful" was my advice to you. As I said, I'm not going to pursue the matter, but sending unsolicited emails of the sort you sent to me yesterday is an absolutely extraordinary way to behave, and others may not be so tolerant in similar circumstances.

      What, pray tell, is the "defamatory lie" you're so upset about? And what was the response? As far as I can see, there's no comment under the name RevStu that is still in the moderation queue, and I certainly haven't deleted any comment under that name recently. Have you been posting under multiple identities? If so, why?

    2. Hello Mr Campbells, maybe you've just been busy, but what's your thoughts on Michael Gove's idea?

      Michael Gove suggests Scots living in rest of UK could vote in second independence referendum

      Do you back the Tories on this or are you against it? If so, why?

      I had a look on your blog around the time this story broke and I couldn't seen any comment from you. Sorry if I missed something.


    3. I actually am not going to publish the reply you've just attempted, because it contains two downright lies. Try again if you want to, but start adhering to facts.

    4. Attempt 2 wasn't an improvement. To be specific, your claim that I "actively passed for publication" the comment you're complaining about is wrong - it appears to have been auto-published before I switched pre-moderation on. (Although I might well have passed it in other circumstances. I'm not actually clear what your complaint about it is - probably because you haven't bothered explaining. Are you suggesting it misrepresents your views on Hillsborough?)

    5. In fairness I have finally tracked down the comment in the moderation queue and it is indeed under the name RevStu. I missed it earlier because it's surrounded by a sea of "Poppy" comments. But I would never have approved it anyway, because it contains foul-mouthed personal abuse, this time directed against Douglas Clark. You really don't do yourself any favours, Stuart.

  13. Why won't you tell us what the defamatory lie was?

  14. N. Ireland particularly enjoying brexit.

    Brexit: Call for urgent action over deliveries to NI

    Economy Minister Diane Dodds has written to Cabinet Office Secretary Michael Gove to call for urgent action to be taken on deliveries to NI.

    Since Christmas some orders have been cancelled or delayed and some retailers have suspended deliveries.

    The problem is related to uncertainty about post-Brexit transition rules.

    1. Skier just seems to love the British state propaganda broadcaster as he is always quoting them as a trusted source. As Skier would say - "only unionists" love the BBC.

    2. Fan of brexit are you IfS? Annoyed at a negative story about it?

    3. From the Armaghi.

      Concerns as GB-based retailers withdraw from offering deliveries to Northern Ireland

    4. Skier - deflecting again. Where does Brexit come in to the point that I made that you seem to continually reference Britnat media as a valid source. As you would say - that is something unionists would do.

      I am not for Brexit never have been and my posts would bear this out. But you just love your pathetic little smears to deflect don't you.

  15. Ahh..

    I think I am right in saying that I am the only person who commented on his Hillsborough rants. Stupot knows that he said these things. Probably tried to delete them all.

    He is not really interested in you, he has a Trumpian view that whatever he says is true and that contrary views - mine (or perhaps yours) - should not be allowed to see the light of day.

    For the record, I doubt he goes down very well in Liverpool.

    Sorry that I commented on him here. Running to the lawyers is about par for the course. Perhaps that's how he'll keep his income up.

    Believe me, if it comes to it, I will fight my right to free speech all the way.

  16. Hmm...

    This is 'interesting'.

    So my mind is at least as sound as The Daily Record's, which I admit is not saying much.

    He has form for aggressively pursuing others. Inside that somewhat amazing interview, he says:

    "But when asked on Twitter about the verdict yesterday, he said: “My thoughts are that anyone trolling for a reaction on it can go and get f***ed.”

    So, James, you are not alone in seeing the wrath of a Campbell.

  17. Or this:

    I have no idea whether she won her case or not. Perhaps Stewpot could tell us all how that went for him?

  18. I would love to see Wings start their own party to contest the list vote at Holyrood. Stu Campbell is incapable of controlling his temper, listening to alternative views or even allowing any form of criticism, can you imagine him in a debate being challenged by adults! His delusional opinion of himself and the influence he thinks Wings has over the Yes movement and Scottish Government would quickly crumble under the slightest scrutiny.
    He has become the very thing he set out to expose in the first place – corrupt media and lies. He has used supporter’s money to pursue unnecessary legal challenges against ex politicians where the only gain was his bruised pride, and zero gain for the independence movement. He incredibly called for the leader of the only party who could deliver a majority pro independence majority in parliament to resign a week before an election (embarrassing even the Unionist press). And he used and continues to use his blog to obsessively attack transgender legislation whilst disingenuously (and quite disgracefully) purporting to be supporting the cause of feminism.
    The Wings blog is in terminal decline and it is entirely self-inflicted as a result of Stu Campbell narcissistic and abusive personality. It is not about Independence any longer, but Stu Campbell using his rump audience to vent his angry personal opinions of others. He can no longer attract crowd funding like he used to, hence why he ditched the last annual jamboree from Yes supporters, and the majority of his original audience no longer listen or visit his site.

  19. Well, this is 'interesring too':

    Former games journalist Stuart Campbell has had his Wings Over Scotland Twitter account suspended

    ["Rev" Stuart Campbell](, the game journalist-turned-game developer-turned-game piracy advocate-turned-Scottish independence advocate-turned-Hillsborough victim blamer-turned transphobe has had his Wings Over Scotland Twitter account suspended.

    Again. But this time it's permanent, according to him.

    This person responded to the news with a perfectly appropriate reaction gif:

    This is his account of what happened:

    His ban was for "hateful conduct". Although he didn't say anything transphobic in that particular tweet (just a very sweary insult), he suspects the report came from "SNP activists from the 'woke' faction". (I learned a new word from the replies to that blog post! Is "wokite" the new "SJW"?)

    His other account @RevStu is still active. But he blocked me from viewing that months ago, after he tweeted that Graham Linehan is not transphobic and I had the temerity to Like a reply that objected to that assertion. :(

    1. Douglas Clark,

      The above comment that includes:


      was not written by me. I suspect it was written by a Campbell acolyte as a means of defending him.

      Stuart, have you fallen to this?

      A few pwoplw want to know. Not many, as your influence falls the more you have idiots supporting you.

  20. By the way:


    He lost a case against Dugdale? This man isn't who I'd want heading a referendum. I think I'll stick with his nemesis. That would be Nicola Sturgeon, not some way guy from Bath.

  21. James, as someone who is routinely harassed and abused simply for being transgender, including by many, many acolytes of the quite appalling Wings website, you have my sympathy here.