Thursday, May 7, 2015

What's the spring breathing jasmine and rose...?

No rest for the wicked today - I've just been one of the guests in an election podcast at the Traverse Theatre in Edinburgh (which I realised to my mild horror the other day that people were actually buying tickets for!), and once I get home I'll be doing some live-blogging for the IBTimes.  Feel free to help me out if you have any polling day anecdotes, or on-the-ground intelligence!

UPDATE : OK, I'm home.  The IBTimes live blog is HERE, and I see they've got Duncan Hothersall sending updates as well, so we've got to compete here, guys.  This will be competitive live-blogging.

UPDATE II : I've added the concerns raised by Scottish Skier and James about the mistake in the Survation datasets to the live blog.  When I next have six months to spare, I'll get a calculator out and try to decide whether the voting intention figures are wrong!

Here's a photo from today's show at the Traverse. As you can see from the black-and-white, it took place in 1924, so Jim Murphy will be a deeply worried man.  From left-to-right : the brilliant singer Chrissy Barnacle, myself, journalist Peter Geoghegan, Green candidate Sarah Beattie-Smith (who was presenting), Juliet Swann of the Electoral Reform Society, the playwright/director David Greig (who was also presenting), and the playwright Linda McLean.  There's another show at the same venue (but with a different line-up) tonight at 10.30 if you fancy it - tickets are £8, and you can find details HERE.


  1. IBTimes was heavily feeding only anti-independence scare stories and lies for the Indy-referendum.
    I won't go anywhere near that website. You've been sucked in, probably for the purpose of controlling/misdirecting your platform.
    Your content can't be controlled on the internet, platform and context can be. beware.

    1. Don't be so bloody ridiculous. I've written articles for them since late 2012 without any problem of that sort at all.

  2. To give due credit, it was Calum W who first spotted the Survation error.

  3. IBTimes - this appeared in the election live updates couple of minutes ago:

    "Police in Scotland have warned polling stations across the country of "threatening behaviour" from radical nationalists they fear could enforce all votes are properly counted.

    After claims of vote rigging at last September's independence referendum, Yes voters from last year want the electorate to take photos of their ballot paper to prove it was not tampered with.

    Newsweek reported Police Scotland urged officers to be on the lookout for any signs that could lead to disruptive behaviour, including snaking queues outside polling stations.

    It follows two arrests in Glasgow on Monday when Scottish Labour leader and party supporter Eddie Izzard were shouted down at an event."