Saturday, November 1, 2014

Scotland swings behind independence by record margin in stunning YouGov poll

OK, this is a few weeks too late, but let's not knock it - the future is still stretching out in front of us.  The first (published) post-referendum poll on independence is just in from YouGov, and the findings are an extraordinary indictment of the referendum "winners", and the bogus "Vow" they made to the people of Scotland.

Should Scotland be an independent country?

Yes 52% (+7)
No 48% (-7)

(Percentage changes are from the actual referendum result, rather than the final 'on the day' YouGov poll which was 1% out from the result.)

That's a higher Yes vote than YouGov found even in their famous poll two weeks prior to polling day that triggered the London establishment's despicable "shock and awe" campaign, and then ultimately the "Vow".

More analysis can be found in a fresh post HERE.

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  1. strange,tho helping an upwelling of joy,that this comes as NO SURPRISE!