Thursday, January 2, 2014

Answers At About Eight

So the moment you've all been waiting for - here are the eleven Labour MSPs (past and present) who were hiding behind yesterday's anagrams...

Hornet Hormones Job - JOHN HOME ROBERTSON

Talon Man John - JOHANN LAMONT


Earwax Lend Deny - WENDY ALEXANDER

Maniac Odd Swell - LEWIS MACDONALD

Cannabis Hmm Ooh - SIOBHAN MCMAHON

Manly Linger - MARILYN GLEN

Feared Whine Kilt - KAREN WHITEFIELD

Sardonic Shrimp - RICHARD SIMPSON

Congeal Horrid - CHARLIE GORDON

Brain Drool, Felonies or Cheekier Mugginess - HIS EMINENCE BARON SIR LORD GEORGIE FOULKES

*  *  *

OK, I now realise that I inserted a rogue 'i' into Marlyn Glen's name!

1 comment:

  1. Ashamed to say how badly I did, after bragging how well I did on the wordsearch (although I missed me!!!)

    But I have to say I love the anagrammed names much more than their real ones.

    Patricia Ferguson... Siobhan McMahon and and Charlie Gordon... fantastic.

    I'll never think of Wendy again without Earwax appearing (figuratively) before my eyes...