Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Anagrams At About Eight : Though cowards flinch and traitors sneer...

Happy New Year, everyone!  Well, isn't this exciting?  On this day three years ago I wrote something like "let's make sure 2011 isn't the Year of the Snarl" (meaning Iain "the Snarl" Gray).  This time I'm tempted to say "let's make sure 2014 isn't the Year of the Darl" - but that would just give succour to one of the No campaign's fundamental deceits.  It won't be Alistair Darling we'll be getting as Prime Minister if we vote No this year, but David Cameron.

Hot off the press, here are some "photos" I took before and during the Edinburgh street party last night. These will mainly serve as a monument to how stupid I was when I claimed that my mobile phone takes better photos than my actual camera (it turns out they're both hopeless).

(Click to enlarge, although you'll still be none the wiser.)

Anyway, down to business.  Your Christmas treat was a word-search, for New Year it's anagrams!  See how many of these eleven past and present Labour MSPs you can spot...

Hornet Hormones Job

Talon Man John

A Face Souring Trip

Earwax Lend Deny

Maniac Odd Swell

Cannabis Hmm Ooh

Manly Linger

Feared Whine Kilt

Sardonic Shrimp

Congeal Horrid

Brain Drool, Felonies or Cheekier Mugginess

Check back here tomorrow for the answers!

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  1. Great. Just what my mind needs at 8.50 on New Year's Day. Anagrams.

    Still, I didn't do too badly on the word square, I have a pot of coffee abrewing, and the names look intriguing

    I have to remember that they are anagrams and not any other kind of clue...even if "a face souring trip" does give rise to some doubt about that that...