Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Photos at 5.54 : Inveraray and thereabouts

This is the first post I've prescheduled to keep things ticking over while I'm off on my travels.  Well, actually strictly speaking it's the second, but the first was just to tell you there would be prescheduled posts, so let's not confuse matters.  First up are some photos I took in the Inveraray area back in June.  They were all taken with my mobile phone, which (depressingly) seems to produce a marginally better picture quality than my actual camera!


  1. Very nice.

    I notice that T Kelly (Deceased soon)
    is happily repeating the SNP in league with Hitler lie. A more vile example of the evil labour represents does not exist.

  2. Absolutely beautiful. Love that castle and the bamboo. Do the Tories, sorry I mean Pandas, know about it?

    Hope you're enjoying your holiday.

  3. Lovely pictures James.

    Phonecameras can indeed take a surprisingly good picture even compared to more specialised camera equipment.


  4. Great pics. Funny, I was also visiting the castle in June, picked a brill day too and meal in The George after.
    Looking forward to you getting back and reading about that post you promised!