Saturday, June 8, 2013

Face the challenge, darling

I've got better things to do than watch our Old Etonian overlord address the conference of a fringe party, but Left Foot Forward quotes him as saying : "There is simply no challenge we face today where breaking up Britain is the right answer."

Leaving aside the fact that Scottish independence isn't about "breaking up Britain", I have to ask - really? How about these challenges - rehumanising our welfare system, scrapping the London veto on weapons of mass destruction being removed from our shores, and finding a way to opt out from London's illegal wars. In what sense does independence fail to meet those challenges, and what is the better alternative that the status quo can provide?

* * *

Spotted at the No campaign's official Twitter feed -

"A fantastic reception for our new #ForcesTogether video and for our Chair @TogetherDarling at our fringe #indyref"

"Thank you to everyone @ScotTories Conference who came along to our fringe. An unbelieveable turnout & great atmosphere in the room #indyref"

OK, the video is indeed "their" video, and Alistair Darling (does the moniker "TogetherDarling" make anyone else feel slightly nauseous?) is indeed "their" chair. But how exactly is the fringe of the Scottish Tory conference "their" fringe?

It's hard to escape the conclusion that the No campaign's Twitter feed is being manned by Tories. After all, who else would be capable of discerning a "great atmosphere" let alone an "unbelievable turnout" at a Scottish Tory conference? (Albeit maybe the latter point will become slightly less unbelievable if Labour continue to helpfully make up the numbers by sending along former cabinet ministers.)

* * *

"#tweetlikeBetterTogether" is fast becoming my all-time favourite Twitter hashtag. These are all from Old Glenbogle -

"The UK is just great. It's like a bag of Revels". #tweetlikeBetterTogether

"You know those little multi-coloured things on the top of a doughnut. The UK's like that." #tweetlikeBetterTogether

"Do you remember 'Watercolour Challenge' with Hannah Gordon? Well, that's why we're better together." #tweetlikeBetterTogether

"You can, like, buy a return ticket to London. In advance. That's barry. That's Britain" #tweetlikeBetterTogether

"What about the Caravan Club of Great Britain? Well? What will happen to that?" #tweetlikeBetterTogether

"I love Roast Beef and Yorkshire Pudding. But I live in Glasgow. I don't want to lose all that". #tweetlikeBetterTogether

"I'm backing Britain. We're great at queuing." #tweetlikeBetterTogether

"The best things come in threes. So does the UK. Like Twix bars." #tweetlikeBetterTogether

"We speak English, not foreign. Don't become separatese." #tweetlikeBetterTogether


  1. Togetherdarling nausea rating @ high - very high.

    They really are all merging into one English-based, English biased right of centre/right wing party trying to keep Farage and his swivel-eyed nutjobs off THEIR gravy train.

    If we vote NO next year it will be (rather like the no vote on changing the voting system for Westminster) a victory for the Tories and David Cameron. On the other hand if we vote YES, it will all be Alistair Darling's fault. In either case it should give a big boost to the Tories, so heigh ho for another 5 years of kicking the poor in the nuts whilst feathering their own nests with jobs for their futures.

    As for the tweets, OMG...I hadn't even thought about Yorkshire Pudding... hold on, if we can't get that, what will I eat with Roast Beef?

    Second thoughts time!

    Wait, I've just been told that we have all the ingredient here for Yorkshire pUdding... phewwww indeed.

    Bonne fin de la semaine ...

  2. I must say, encountering an actual ad for Better Together at the foot of every new post on this blog is making me quite nauseous. I don't see them anywhere else. Is this like calling for the Candyman?

  3. I see the revolting glasgow bigots in charge of our new police force are now acting like the neofascist labour party and raiding saunas in Edinburgh.
    Glasgow : No tolerance zones and no ,"saunas". Result, the regular murder of prostitutes.

    Edinburgh. No prostitute killed for decades.

    Time to remove the influence of glasgow from our country and move into a century 21.