Monday, December 3, 2012

Our Head of State for 2060 has just been selected...

We don't have a clue about his or her personality, talents or intelligence, but we're absolutely certain that he/she will be just the chap/chapess for the job.

Democracy and rationality at its finest.


  1. I shan't be around to find out who it is as i'll be pushing up the daisies.

  2. On the day that rules change to mean that those in the work-related group of ESA can be mandated to indefinite workfare or have their benefits reduced to £28pw, a woman gets a few days in hospital and a period of rest thereafter for being pregnant.

    Vote yes!

  3. The few days in hospital that Kate is receiving presumably at the taxpayers expense is all the more outrageous considering these

    I mean its not as if a member of the monarchy could not afford it themselves.

  4. To be fair, the hospital is a private one not an NHS one. BTW I'm the same anon as wrote above above the ESA changes so I'm not predisposed to be fair on the subject!!

  5. What a thought. 7 months of this crap every time she has to sit down or have a glass of water. Yawn...

    Still, the rather cheery thought that occurred to me this morning was that Cameron is going to be well hacked off on the basis that he was keeping that birth for autumn 2014.

    Oh well, it looks like the naked ginger one will have to get married in 2014 and provide the nation with more great joy... and the chancellor with yet another excuse for why we plunged back into recession.

    It would be nice if this time the Windsors DID actually pay for it, instead of just SAYING they would.

    Of course maybe Harry will refuse and Ms Middleton will be forced to do it all over again and have the spare up front.