Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Sing it out, every song is a cry for love

From the Telegraph's 'report' on the seemingly imminent resolution of the referendum stand-off -

"Mr Cameron told the Conservative Party conference in Birmingham that the Olympics highlighted the depth of feeling for the UK, adding: “Whether our athletes were English, Scottish, Welsh or from Northern Ireland, they draped themselves in one flag."

I know. It would have been even more touching if they'd all done it of their own free will.

"Now, there's one person who didn't like that, and he's called Alex Salmond."

Er...make that two, David. Don't suppose there's a third out there somewhere, by any chance?

"I'm going to see him on Monday to sort out that referendum on independence by the end of 2014."

Ah, you mean you're sheepishly going to make a string of concessions in order to secure the one and only thing you've been hellbent on achieving from the word go - ie. being clearly seen by all Scots as the person who has denied them the full range of choices on their own constitutional future. Masterfully done, as ever. Don't worry - I doubt if there's a single Devo Max supporter who will now feel driven to vote for independence as a result of your antics.

"Let's say it, we're better together and we'll rise together..."

You raise me up, so I can stand on mountains.

You RAI-AISE me up, to walk on stormy seas...


  1. lol you've got me singing now. Must admit to being slightly gobsmacked by this tweet earlier by Lesley Riddoch

    "On Scotland Tonight @10.30 re one question referendum. Did FM ever mean 2 offer DevoMax supporters an option?"

    It's such an utterly wrong headed statement. She couldn't fail to be aware that only the unionists could offer Devo Max to Scots. I mean obviously a few unionist journos didn't get it due to be being lazy, hard of understanding or deliberate spin....but Lesley Riddoch? I expected better.

  2. You have it there in a oner James. Whatever anyone says about Cameron he is, erm...a masterful, erm, utterly masterful politician...

    There's one, uhm, quite like him.

    I mean who else could come up with a plan to celebrate the START of a war that killed millions of people.

    C'est un tour de force of an idea.

  3. True that Scolympians were denied any choice in the flag they were draped in as the Saltire was banned on pain of expulsion from the team.

    And off topic but why did the Unionist party award D Trump the title of Business Ambassador if the moment anybody asks him to fulfill such a function the Unionists go berserk. Makes no sense really.