Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Emma Thompson doesn't want independence. Let's face it, folks - it's over.

I'm in a bit of a mad rush at the moment, but you'll probably get the gist of the point from the comment I've just left at the Telegraph website -

"I hate nationalism. If you look at the history of nationalism, you will find the history of war and horror"

Inspiring stuff from Billy, there. Evidently we should abolish Westminster and set up a unitary world government as a matter of some urgency.

Alternatively, we could be mature enough to recognise the fundamental difference between ethnic, expansionist and civic types of nationalism. The SNP type is the latter.

Lastly, could I just thank the Telegraph for filling the void in British comedy left by the demise of the Only Fools and Horses Christmas special. "Emma Thompson, who spends half the year in Scotland, has attacked separation in the latest blow to Alex Salmond"...priceless.

What next - superstar Scottish canine Gromit speaks out?


  1. I actually read that last week on a Spanish site so they kept back this old shit.

  2. It's always the same isn't it?

    You'll read through some diatribe against nationalism waiting for the logical concluding paragraph of, "and these are my plans for a future one world government without nations and we'll start the ball rolling by subsuming the UK into a United States of Europe", but of course that paragraph never comes.

    It's because the phrase, "I hate nationalism", is always shorthand for, "I hate Scottish nationalism".

    It's doublethink where, "All nationalism is bad but British nationalism is good".

    But doublethink isn't really needed because under unionist newspeak the concept of British nationalism is removed from the language of the debate. To fight for the integrity of the British state against both inside and outside threats becomes not nationalism but internationalism. To fight to preserve the British state as a national unit is to act against nationalism not to promote it.

    Orwell was a visionary.

  3. Come on folks-we all know that Great Britain and Northern Ireland is the precise and perfect size for a nation-neither too big nor too small, just perfect :-)

    What is more, it is also, surely you recognise, the perfect example of all time of a multi-national state which is therefore the absolute opposite of the perfect nation state which I just finished urging you to adore in the preceding paragraph :-)

    I am sure you agree with my analysis.

  4. Thanks for the heads up James. Haven't enjoyed myself so much on the Telegraph for a while.